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Flexibilitycca & Easy data capture

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  • Easy data capture.

  • Service portal.

  • Asset administration.

  • Supports distributed environment.

  • Track warranties, service contracts.

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Are you looking for answers to the following questions?
  • What are the assets you have

  • When, how and from whom was it procured

  • Where they are located physically

  • Who is in charge of them & who is using them

  • What are the accessories attached to it

  • What are the vendor service contracts

  • When is the next maintenance scheduled

  • And lots more...

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Grow your Asset

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Reachwell EAM

Key Features

  • Easy data capture

  • Service portal

  • Asset administration

  • Supports distributed environment

  • Track warranties, service contracts

  • Finance transactions

  • Seamless integration with procurement

  • Visual asset tracking

  • Asset movement reconciliation

  • Automated e-mail alerts

  • Depreciation & statutory reporting

  • Generate custom reports

  • Highly scalable & easy deployment

  • Track consumables

  • Conduct audits