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Rediff Enterprise MailPro

Secure & Powerful

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Access Enterprise Pro on the Move

  • Make customised business email ID.

  • Powerful admin controls.

  • Cloud email solution.

  • Secured and Spam free.

  • Password policy.

  • Global address book.

Rediffmail Pro for Corporates offers you

Your customised business email ID

Large companies find that deploying hosted email solutions on premises is an expensive proposition with capital cost for hardware and recurring maintenance costs in addition to the need for skilled technicians. Rediffmail Pro offers an affordable cloud based email solution for large corporates, with powerful admin controls, dedicated technical support and features like access across operating systems like Android, Windows, iOS and BlackBerry.

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White labeled solution

You can brand the email service with your company logo. Have a customized login page for your employees to login from. You can also use that page to show useful information or updates to your employees.


You can use IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) or POP (Post Office Protocol) on a secured connection via SSL encryption, to manage your business emails from email programs on your desktop such as Outlook and Thunderbird or from your mobile devices such as Blackberry.

Access Enterprise Pro

on the move

Secured and Spam free

Since security is an inherent requirement of any business email, we provide a secure login to the mail service using 'https', where’s’ stands for secured. This ensures that no unauthorized entity can intercept your information without your consent.

Powerful admin controls

Efficiently manage the email service of your company with an easy to use control panel. Add email IDs of new employees; delete the IDs of the ones who have left. Remotely manage the security of your company data by restricting access and controlling the incoming & outgoing mails. Email administrators can set password policy, send newsletters to employees, assign privileges, create user groups and use many more such useful tools to manage the service efficiently.

Cloud email solution

Keep your emails safe from software crashes and malicious viruses. Access your mails from anywhere at any time. Store mails in the cloud and reduce the costs of hosting an email solution in your office premises.

Email on the go, in your pocket

With Internet access on multiple devices becoming a norm, it is imperative that your mail is accessible from any device. We have enabled email access on the popular platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry, by providing applications that are free to download. As an administrator of your office email service you can grant access to certain users based on the need.

Email Archival

As an administrator you can store a copy of emails from important email accounts into an archival mailbox and prevent data loss.

Email Filters

You can organize your email efficiently through our mail filters by specifying the folders where you want to receive mails from certain people or related to certain topics. These folders are accessible even when you access your email from your mobile or tablet.

rediff MAIL PRO


Send updates to your employees. Customize the newsletter with an easy to use WYSIWYG editor; you can add images and links to enrich the mail.

MIS Reports & Analytics

As an administrator of your office mail you can get a continuous report of how your employees are using the email service. This will help you to control the usage and costs.

Catch all emails

Never lose out on any business opportunity with Catch All service. A smart feature that catches all the emails sent to your company domain, even the miss-spelt ones. It's like having innumerable email IDs to receive mails at no additional cost.

Group mail

Communicate with employees faster by creating groups for e.g. you can create a group of your entire sales team members under group ID, so any email sent to this email ID will be delivered to all the members of your sales team.

Pull email from other accounts

Pull emails from multiple email IDs into a single email account. From this single ID, you can also choose to 'send mail as' any of the multiple IDs.

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Password policy

Set rules to have your employees change their account password periodically. Decide the complexity of the password and ensure security of the email accounts.

Global address book

Maintain a master list of all people within and outside your organization and make it available for your employees to use.

File Sharing

Upload & manage large files, document, images etc to the cloud and share it with your employees. This saves the bandwidth by eliminating the need to upload these files repeatedly.

Auto Forward

You can forward all your important business email accounts in to an alternate email ID. It helps to backup the emails and monitor the email usage.

User-friendly interface

Here is a rich email experience that lets you do more. Emails that auto update and show you the latest mails without having to refresh every now and then. Rich interface that lets you multi-task using tabs. Delete unwanted mails quickly with a handy delete button.

Dedicated customer support

Rediffmail Pro provides the benefit of a dedicated technical support team and relationship managers for every organization. This team can help you to seamlessly transition your email service to Rediffmail Pro.