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Robotics and life skills in your School

  • STEMulation is the name given to the Robotics Lab.

  • STEMulation focuses on the aspect of teaching through discovery.

  • Students can become more creative and learn to innovate new things.

  • Concepts of Science, Technology & Engineering.

  • Track warranties, service contracts.

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Robotics in Education

The purpose of Educational Robotics is to provide the student with a platform where they can experience the most critical concepts in Education. Each and every participating student becomes a part of the subject and experiences Science by the idea of Learning by doing. Something every student is fascinated about.

In Robotic sessions, students are expected to follow their regular curriculum, designed and conceived by academicians and experts, and prepare various bots which help them easily grasp the related concepts. Robotics simultaneously covers subjects like Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical, Artificial Intelligence and Mechatronics.


STEMulation is the name given to the Robotics Lab, a place in the school where students can come, discover their creativity and learn to innovate. As an organization committed towards STEMulation quality education, we provide the school with necessary resources such as Hardware, necessary software , curriculum and qualified teachers.

By using these tools, students prepare various designs of Robots and learn the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, more popularly known as STEM Education.

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RSolutions started off as an IT Solutions provider in Bangalore, India, in January 1999, in a modest way, and has grown steadily since then foraying into various domains like Custom Software Development, E-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management, Multimedia, Portals and Web-applications Development.

RSolutions was established by Badal Raja, having a prior experience of working with Technology companies. The company was created with the objective of providing optimized and cost-effective IT solutions, and committed to putting a smile on our customer’s faces.

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