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Clinic Management Solution (eClinic)

End-to-End Clinic Management Solution

eClinic, Clinical Management Solution is created to computerize manual operations in clinics. The primary purpose is to digitize patient records so as to make data retrieval easy and efficient. Being in the digital form, patient data can be conveniently shared and accessed by multiple simultaneous users at different locations, resulting in smoother clinical operations and collaboration among clinicians. It also means that patient data can be easily backed up, and be protected for confidentiality and from tampering through access control. In addition, clinical tasks involving panel billing, inventory management and accounting are all made easy, and to some extent - automated.

Economically, clinics benefit from constant cost savings as a result of increased productivity and overall efficiency. Essentially, everyone in the clinic benefits from eClinic – doctor, nurse, administrator and the clinic’s owner – which makes their lives easy and removes unnecessary human errors from their daily activities.

Clinic Management Solution (eClinic)

Key features are

  • Online solution can be configured for any number of clinics

  • Complete management of patient records and history

  • Online Booking of Doctor's appointment

  • Tracking of doctors consultation and prescription of medicines

  • Usage of facilities available in clinics

  • Medicines billing

  • Many other interesting features and options to choose from

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