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Customer Relationship Management Solution (eCRM)

Help you improve responsiveness to customer needs

Companies today can save a lot of time and money by allowing customers to resolve many issues themselves. The solution includes the web based customer support component, which gives customers and partners the ability to query a knowledgebase of common problems.

Using a standard Web browser, customers can get the help they need during and after business hours. eCRM is an enterprise using IT to integrate internal organization resources & external marketing strategies to understand & fulfil their customer needs. It can effectively managing differentiated relationships with all customers and communicate with them on an individual basis.

Customer Relationship Management(eCRM)

  • Gather and combine customer information into a unified picture

  • Respond quickly and accurately.

  • Build customer loyalty.

  • Improve quality of service while reducing cost.

Our eCRM system provides a single repository of customer needs quickly and efficiently at all potential contact points eliminating customer frustration and downtime. As we believe that every industry has its own way of building customers, we provide a fully customized software which may include search engines, live help, e-mail management and multi-lingual support based on the client requirement.

eCRM is an essential tool for any organization's high performance and depends on worker's effectiveness more than their efficiency. By doing so, companies can engage their customer in an ongoing knowledge exchange. eCRM tool helps customers upload their orders, monitor progress, status of delivery and dispatches. The alignment of every function in the organization is mandated.

To conclude, it can support a seamless customer experience and maximize customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and revenue.

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