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Car Web Showroom Management Solution (eShowroom)

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People don't just walk up to a dealership and pick out a new car. They ask questions and do their research - often online - before ever getting to the dealership. We look at how that is done to help car marketers their message in front of the right people at the right time . It's approximately two to three months before a shopper gets behind the wheel for a test drive. To prepare for the years ahead, automotive companies need to assess how well they are prepared to respond to the opportunities and challenges they present. In a turbulent business environment, to sustain growth and market share, companies need to understand how to satisfy customers in order to establishing long term client relationships.

How has internet changed the retail auto The changes go far beyond the addition of new electronic communications mediums.

Car Web Showroom Management (eShowroom)

When we look at car buying behaviour today, we realize that customers no longer rely on sales people at car dealerships for information. Thanks to the internet, when customers walk into a showroom, they have all the information they need to make a purchase decision. Thanks to information online from company and dealer websites, expert reviews, comparisons, blogs, forums and social networks. In the showroom customers merely validate their perceptions and decide after test driving the cars they have shortlisted.

Dealers invest huge amounts on real estate and people to acquire and retain customers. Unfortunately the dealer infrastructure does not focus on customer behaviour but merely reinforces old way of doing business where the dealer held all the information and could influence customers.

How to acquire customers in a low cost manner without the customer having to come to the showroom?

e-Showroom is designed to bridge the gap between customer needs and dealer offering. It allows customers to get all the information they need to form a purchase decision on a single web-based platform. Instead of searching the web for reviews, comparisons, videos from experts and customers, the web showroom aggregates all of these on a single site. This experience is then enhanced by allowing the customer to actually choose a product, augment it with accessories, request a quote and ask for a test drive from his home. If the prospective buyer feels the need to talk to a sales-person to get a query answered or strike a better deal, he/she can communicate via phone or video chat on the web-showroom of the dealer.

Essentially e-Showroom gives the customer the power to do everything that he could in a car showroom right from a single screen in his home or office. There is no reason for him to ever visit the showroom.

e-Showroom experience doesn't end there. It offers access to the entire range of services the dealer offers. Customers can also book a service online and have their car picked up and dropped back home, they have full access to all spare parts, can check service history and even track the progress of their car servicing. Apart from that they can also renew car insurance, extend warranty and even trade-in their old car.

Some of the key features are

  • Product Information

  • Sales Enquiry

  • Book a Test Drive

  • Accessories Request

  • EMI Calculator

  • Reviews

  • Comparisons

  • Videos

  • Insurance Renewal

  • Warranty Extension

  • Maintenance Tips

  • Car Care

  • Service Booking

  • Service Parts Cost

  • Service History Request

  • Live Chat

  • And many more

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